Friday, 23 January 2015

Necromunda terrain and models

My hobby area is getting an overhaul soon I have some furniture coming in about a week so I had to get my old work table out before it turns up.

I got a request to do a group shot of all my terrain so far and figured I might as well use the table one last time to set up all that terrain. And while I was at it I put a bunch of my Necromunda minis on to make it a little more dramatic.

Anyway less words, more pictures!!!

Karloth Valois leads the Zombie horde

Juves up front!

Blog might as well be sponsored by pringles...

Yeah I'm not getting involved...

Bridge over the Market

And I got some work done on the Skips/Dumpsters (depending on where you live) These are going to be scatter terrain.


  1. looks good altogether like that

  2. I don't know whether they actually use skips in the underhive, but that's a great idea. I'd been looking at storage ideas lately, so don't know why I didn't think of that.