Thursday, 1 January 2015

Theory Thursday: Disrupting a Charge

{This article is based on mk2 rules}

This is a nice little trick you can pull off to stop a charge from being as effective or stop a spell assassination that's using an arc node.

With pNemo as your warcaster he has access to the spell Disruption field which gives a friendly warjack +2 Strength and its melee weapons gain disruption. 

Cast the spell on the Character Warjack Ol' Rowdy then keep him about six inches or less from something you think is likely to recieve a charge from a warjack.

When the enemy Warjack charges and finishes its movement within 6" of Ol' Rowdy you can then counter charge and if you hit you disrupt the Warjack which causes it to lose its focus and be unable to be allocated any next turn or be able to arc spells.

With Mat 8 Rowdy is likely to hit most Warjacks in the game, and a pow 20 is not to be sniffed at.

Its unlikely to trick someone more than once, but unless they have something to run to engage Rowdy (which stops you from counter charging) or blocking a charge lane you should be able to achieve the disruption.

If you keep Rowdy towards you back lines near Nemo it would be less likely for the other player to be able stop this from working.

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  1. Solid idea. Will try it when i get him on the table.