Friday, 8 January 2016

Belated end of year wrap up & goals for 2016

Posting this later than intended, I got married just before Christmas which has made the holiday period a little hectic as you can imagine. Oh that and Fallout 4... yeah I missed the end of my local clubs league due to that game.

This year was a good year for my Cygnar. Being in a more active meta has really helped.
I attended a bunch of local tournaments, thanks to Dave the local PG. 

I have also painted a lot of my Cygnar over the last twelve months, I totaled it up and I have painted roughly 226 points which is 120 models (including 3 Warcasters).

I sold most of my 40k Orks, partly to pay for Smogcon but also to buy more Cygnar.

By buying up people's Cygnar armies, and selling the models I didn't need, I have now acquired every choice Cygnar has to offer! Most of them at the full field allowance of 2, and multiple warjacks of most types. I did have to strip the paint from most of these models, but the cheaper cost made the extra work worth it.

Stipping some models using Biostrip 20

In February I will be going to Smogcon (a three day convention style event in London), this will be the biggest Warmachine event I have ever attended. I'm signed up for the masters event on the Friday, the Masters event being two 128 player events (on Friday and Saturday). From there, the top 8 players from each day go through to Sunday's games.

My aim is to come in the top 64 of the Friday. The rest of the weekend I will be trying to get as many games as I can in the Iron arena. If I can get one game with every caster in Cygnar then that would be great!

Can we win?

Aims for 2016? 

  • Attend more tournaments and events
  • Paint more of my Cygnar (if I can achieve 100% painted then that would be awesome)
  • Make terrain and table for home games
  • Try to find Necromunda players
  • Repaint gangs and paint more terrain for Necromunda
  • Make more batreps for my YouTube channel
  • Write more articles for this blog
  • Find a new way to finance the hobby now that the Orks are sold 

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