Saturday, 23 January 2016

eStryker, Stormclad & Stormblade Captain Painted

eStyker painted to match my Stormblades, I gave him a head swap as well to make him really fit in. I also didn't put him on the wreck of a Menoth light jack he comes with and put a Sword knights shield on his base for a little interest.

I really like the new plastic kit for the Stormclad (I sold both my old metal Stormclads as soon as they teased the image of it)

I have magnetized the arms so I can use it as a Reliant if I want to (though I haven't painted the weapon arms for it yet, mainly still concentrating on painting my lists for Smogcon)

And finally the Stormblade Captain, who was a bit of a pain to paint to be honest. Really detailed fiddly bits all over the place. I feel like I didn't do the model justice really. But like everything I paint I can always go back and improve it later.

So thats both my casters painted for the Masters event at Smogcon! Not got much left to finish as everything else is all WIP at the same time.

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