Friday, 15 January 2016

eCaine, pStryker & Black 13th Painted

As part of my goal to play fully painted during the Masters event at Smogcon I'm working my way through painting my two lists

eCaine finally painted, this has been long overdue. The last two years he has been my most used Warcaster and I have been putting off painting him.

The Black 13th... yeah. The midget gunmages, they were not the best to paint. Really detailed and tiny are not the greatest mix in the world. Well they are done now (unless PP decides to resculpt them)

And a bonus caster I finished pStryker! My first ever Warcaster is done at last. I did paint him years ago but it was in the standard colour scheme. Now I have him repainted I only need to finish repainting a Charger and I have a fully painted battlebox!

What do you guys think of this lot? I'm also going to attempt the Warmachine & Hordes painting group on facebooks "point per day" challenge. With warcasters on small bases counting as 3 points this puts my current total to 10 this year!

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