Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Stormsmiths Painted

Stormsmith's painted!

The Stormtower isn't part of my lists for Smogcon but I figured seeing they are so similar model wise I should paint them all at the same time so they look consistent. 

I also only needed to paint 3 of my 6 Stormsmiths for smogcon and again just lumped them all in together

This poor guy has a gimpy arm, its actually made for green stuff using the press models I got a few months back. I bought three Stormsmiths from a guy in my old meta and he misplaced the arm and never got back to me about finding it so I made my own.

Its missing some detail and the shape is a little off, but this one will only ever be used in 2 warcaster games or tier lists with increased field allowance so I'm not too worried.

What do you guys think about my colour scheme choice for my Stormsmiths? I think it looks different enough from the rest of my Cygnar army but still close enough to tie them in.

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