Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Darius Converted and Painted

Captain Edward Dominic Darius is done!

I really didn't like the stumpy look the of the model so I set about converting him.

Taking inspiration from Lack0fbettername's version I found on the PP forums (his thread can be found here) I cut out the lower parts of the legs with the intention to extend them

I picked a few different thickness of plastic tubing and some brass rods.

I used a pipe cutter to keep the cuts straight and even, you can pick these up really cheap. I got mine for about £1 on ebay

I drilled holes into the feet and upper leg which I used to keep the plastic tubes lined up as I wanted them with paper clip going into the drilled holes.

I then took the widest tube I had and cut it in half down its length and put it round the front to look like an armour plate.
Then I added the brass rods to connect to the back of the feet, I added a small section plastic pipe to the top of the brass rod to make it look more like a piston.

The original crane looks awful it had to go... I replaced it with the crane looking part from a 40k ork truck's wrecking ball. I pinned the original cranes grabbing claw to the chain. 

Darius is armed with the same hammer the Ironclad Warjack has, yet his is wimpy and small in comparison. Easy swap here, I just used the hammer I had in my bits box from years ago when I turned a battlebox Ironclad into Gallant.

I also extended the barrel of his cannon, I did this using the top of a smoke stack from an old metal Centurion. I hated the weird looking star shape barrel it had before.
(That old metal centurion has given parts to so many of my conversions!) 

With him converted I set about painting him!

I put the mine markers on 25mm bases, they are just markers so they don't have to be on a base but this will make them easier to keep safe.

Half jacks are so cute! Crazy little guys can't help getting shot off the board though!

I kept Darius's paint scheme utilitarian to match how I imagine him as a character. Not interested in flashy paint jobs for his armour, he just wants it to work well. 

I painted his wrench red for two reasons, first to add some colour and second to make it look like the one in Bioshock.
"Would you kindly repair all the Warjacks..."

He was quite quick to paint up and I'm really happy with the conversion and am finding him a blast to play!

What do you think of my conversion and paint job?

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