Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Making terrain on a budget: Trenches

I finished up my trench terrain pieces.

I had cut out the bits of mdf board (which is from the bottom of an old set of draws). I had cut out the templates towards the end of mk2 as they where a tier list benefit for one of the old mk2 Cygnar theme lists.

They where quite simple to make I just glued on bits of coffee stirrers and then glued on sand, it was then ready to paint.

I wanted to try some built up sides to make the terrain more 3D but still be playable.
I used polyfiller and slowly built it up in layers so that it would dry thoroughly.
I added wooden boards and sand bags to build up the trench walls.  

The barrels from Renedra come in two halves, I used one half of one to add some detail to the trench

The idea is that if the slopped sides of the trench ever start to impede play they can be removed easily.

I decided to paint the joining parts black, I wasn't 100% sure on this but it looks ok.

So what do you think of my trench? I have only made the side bits for one of the four trenches. In a normal game I doubt the board would have more than one trench often enough to make it worthwhile to make side bits for all of them. Unless PP decide to make a theme list with trenches the others will be only used in thematic style games.

You can find the barrels and sandbags here at Renedra's site

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