Saturday, 12 November 2016

Stryker3 and the last of my Storm knights Painted

Stryker3 is done and I figured while I was painting him I might as well paint up the rest of my Storm knights.

My buddy picked up a great deal on a second hand Cygnar army and sold me the Storm Lances on the cheap. Now they are FA2 I am looking forward to running both units with either Stryker2 or 3

Stryker3 took a lot of work to get done. I didn't want him jumping over the stone wall the model comes with so I built a trench which fits in better with my armies aesthetics. 
I gave his a head swap so he fits in with the rest of my Storm knights and matches my Stryker2.
He comes with a huge flag which he holds in his left hand, but the pole of it is kinda thin and would likely bend also it would make it a real pain to transport him. So I gave him a shield from a Storm blade captain and green stuffed a handle for it. 

I decided to convert my own Acosta (He's a Merc solo but worth painting with this lot)
I made him using the spare bits from the incomplete unit of Stormblades I have. I used a bald head I had in my bits box and sculpted some facial hair for him so he looks right.

My second Stormblade Captain, this one was much quicker to paint than the first one I painted a while back. (I often find deciding what colours to paint things actually takes up a lot of my painting time).

His shield is actually on Stryker3, I made this one out of green stuff using the instant molds I got a long time ago. I did think it was going to look a lot worse but which I was ok with as I will be using him quite rarely, but it turn out to not look that bad.

What do you guys think of the last of my Storm knights? Will you be running double Storm Lances?
Let me know in the comments!

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