Thursday, 12 October 2017

Pirate Character Solos Painted

All the character pirate solos painted! These guys were so much fun to paint, they were a real treat to paint after all those pirate grunts!

First mate Hawk was a bit of a pain to pick colours for, but I'm pleased with how she turned out. I will go back one day once I learn how to paint eyes... or care enough to paint eyes...

For Doc Killingsworth I added a nice little detail anyone who has worked in kitchens might appreciate... 

Dirty Meg is a cool looking mechanik. Its nice to paint female models that aren't overly sexualised. 

Dougal MacNaile... I'm sure he could be speed 6 if he found his shoes!

Bloody Bradigan is an interesting model, I can't see him being that good on the table, but he was nice to paint. I might go back at some point and try some free hand to give him some tattoos, but at the minute thats a little beyond my skill.

Lord Rockbottom, fun dwarf model. Loads of fiddly detail but I'm glad I stuck it out with him because I love the way he turned out.

Bosun Grogspar, I went with quite a simple look for him to be honest, I would like to give him a stripy vest but didn't want to risk ruining it so made him look like a trollkin version of Rab c Nesbitt (look it up if you don't know who he is lol)

What do you guys think of my pirate character solos?
I really enjoyed painting this lot, I look forward to getting the on the table at some point. They will definitely see a lot of use in the Iron Kingdoms RPG at the very least. 

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