Sunday, 29 October 2017

Cryx soul counter

I made this Soul counter for my local PG as a gift for all his hard work when the PG program ended. I didn't post about it as I didn't want to spoil his surprise and ended up completely forgetting to show it here!

I used Games workshop spirit hosts as the souls

I pinned them to the counter and removed the daggers they are holding, it didn't really fit with the theme of it.

I had a few stormblade bits in my bits box from an earlier conversion so I added a shoulder pad and arm armour next to the skeleton along with a stormblade sword stuck into the ground 

I painted the stormblade armour bits to match my army and made it look like he was melted, so it would be a nod to the amount of my guys his cryx have melted with acid over all the games!

I painted the numbers on the tracking wheel ghostly green to match his army.

I didn't glue on any grass or anything like that as I knew it was likely he would paint over the dirt with the colour he uses for his bases.

So what do you guys think of this soul counter? I'm hoping he doesn't get the numbers up too high when playing against me! 

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