Saturday, 14 October 2017

Pirate Pup Painted

Pirate Pup painted! I won a Khador war dog from Rikers Iron's livestream giveaway. Since I don't play Khador I decided to make him a pirate! Rikers Irons stream is heavily pirate influenced and I happened to be painting my pirates so this is how he ended up! He will be used in the Iron kingdoms RPG, I'm sure the players will be pleased when he turns up in game!

I put him on the base that comes with Skarre2, a friend had given it to me a while ago and it had been in my bits box waiting for a conversion. I like the way it look with him jumping over it.

If you look closely to his chest armour piece you can see a round armour bit. Originally he had a large Khador symbol, so I filed it off and replaced it with the round detail.

So he has his own hat. I like to imagine he stole some random pirates hat, and the guy didn't have the heart/courage to get it back!

What do you guys think of my pirate pup?
If you ever want to hang out with like minded people while painting I can thoroughly recommend Rikers iron's livestreams on twitch you can find him here

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