Friday, 2 February 2018

Cygnar Army Completely Painted!

Its finally done! I have the whole of Cygnar painted mostly at max field allowance. I am so pleased to have the army finished.

So this section is my Sword and Precursor knights, along with the associated solos.

Storm knights led by Stryker1,2&3 and Maddox with their character jacks with them.

My Storm smith crew, I really enjoy running an army which is everything Stormsmith at max FA led by Nemo3. 

Darius leads the heaviest of my warjacks

My favourite theme in the army my Trenchers! These guys are what got me into the faction back in mk2. They may not have been that good back then but I loved how they looked.

My Gunmages, currently one of my favourite lists is all these gunmages together in the same army with Haley1 leading them.

So now I have to paint something else... which will likely be my Gatorman army.
So what do you think of my army now its all done?


  1. Looking really good. Wonderful army