Monday, 5 February 2018

Making terrain on a budget: Walls

Continuing my quest to finish up wip projects I finally got my walls which I made ages ago painted.
These are all on a thin piece of board which I cut to the same size as the official wall templates used in Warmachine and Hordes. 4" x 0.75"

The first wall is made of Barrels and Sand bags which I bought from Renedra you can find them here

The 2nd wall I wanted to look a bit different so the bulk of it is made up of the weapon from a Khador Marauder. I also put some rocks made from cork under the sand bags on one side to add a bit more variety.  

So what do you think of my walls?
I'm getting closer to having enough home made terrain for my table.
Next terrain projects I have in mind are to make some rubble and woods.


  1. Very nice, can't wait to play on the finished board !