Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lieutenant Bastian Falk Painted

So I actually finished Falk on new years eve but apparently forgot to post him up on my blog... so here he is at last! He is the last model I needed to paint to get my Cygnar army back to 100% painted! 

When I first painted my gunmage units years ago I found them really hard to paint as really didn't enjoy it which meant they took a long time to finish. Since then I have painted every other gunmage model that has come out and gradually it became easier and easier to paint them. Falk here went from undercoat to finished in less than 24 hours! I was pushing to get him done though as I really wanted to complete the whole faction in 2017!

So now Falk is done I will be moving on to painting other factions. I am currently painting the Haley1 resculpt though but once she is done I will likely be painting some Gatormen! Looking forward to painting something very different.

What do you think of Falk? Have you been using him much in your lists? I have been really enjoying the extra damage buff he brings to my Sons of the tempest list.

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