Monday, 26 March 2018

Converted Battle Boar WIP

I don't normally make posts for work in progress projects but I wanted to share this one and get some feedback while I'm still able to make changes. Its a little hard to see but to cover up the ugly mess from where his old arm was attached to his body which I carved away I added some piping and turned what was the rope to fire the gun into more piping.

I gave him the arm of a Cygnar light warjack, I will be green stuffing some bandages to cover the join between flesh and metal. Also adding an armour plate to the arm to bulk it up a bit, but more on that later...

I'm really pleased with the chemical tanks I put on his back.

But I do plan to add more pipes connecting the tanks together a bit more.

The small pipes leading down into the fur I sculpted on his shoulder will be delivering chemicals into his body. I will likely paint these as if they are transparent so the chemicals are visible.

So I need some help picking an armour plate for his mechanical arm. Below are the choices please let me know which you think looks better by commenting the number I have put above each picture.







Thanks in advance for helping me pick! If you have any other feedback on my battle boar please let me know I really appreciate it!


  1. Number 5 for me, im a sucker for battle damage.

    1. Well Number 5 got the most votes over all the different social medias so I went with that!