Thursday, 22 March 2018

Undead for Widowers Wood board game painted

I painted up all this lot in basically an evening! I was planning on painting something during Rikers Iron's monthly community paint along but I felt so tired I didn't have the concentration to paint anything detailed. I decided to paint my two Feralgeist's as I knew they would  be nice and easy to do.
...but my batch painter issues made me end up painting all the undead models from my Widowers wood board game set all at the same time anyway!
This is a blessing and a curse, I could have got the Feralgeist's finished much quicker if I had painted them only, but at least I got all this lot done!

For my Widowers wood and Undercity board game minis I want to include the colour of the plastic they are made out of somewhere on the mini if possible. But I won't go out of my way or change my colour schemes to force it in. I paint the raised line that marks the models front arc the colour of their plastic. This will help me know which one they are when playing.

So I now have 3 Pistol Wraiths... I doubt I will ever use 3 during a IKRPG session so I might part with my old metal one.

6 more warrior thralls! This brings me up to 9 in total. Though unlikely it is possible that Alexia2 could make that many during a game. (super unlikely though...)

I added some extra bones to the base of these boneswarms to make them look even more like they are rising up out of the ground. I used bones from a Skulls and bones sheet which are from Toad King Castings. You can find their shop here

So what do you think of my undead? Painting them up "Andrew" style might be seen as a cop out to some I know, but as "lesser" undead to me I don't want to put too much time into them. I'm currently painting a Gatorman Soul Slave and Maelok who are both getting detailed paint jobs as I feel they earn it more.


  1. Looking good and spooky.

    Cool theme and 100% better than unpainted any day.

    1. I fully agree, much better to have painted minis!