Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Forge Terrain Painted

Here is my forge terrain for my home Warmachine table. The forge itself is 3D printed by a company called IronGateScenery, with walls by War World Gaming.

The scrap pile is a whole lot of random stuff from various bits boxes I have collected over the years.

If you can spot anything particular in the scrap let me know what you saw in a comment! I hid a few things.

The forge comes with a clear part which is meant to be the coals in the forge with an led light underneath it. I painted the lumps black but left gaps between them for the light to shine through.

I painted the water in the bucket as best I could to make it look real, I've not painted water much but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Various tools and horse shoes on the bench, a nice added detail to make it look like the forge is in use.

The wall painted up really easily, dry brushing did most of the work here!

Here is the hole I left in the bottom of the terrain piece so that I could take the light out to turn it off. A hobbyist with better electrical skills would likely have found a way to wire it up with a hidden switch on the actual model itself... I'm not that person.

What do you think of the forge? I'm thinking for Warmachine it will be a simple obstruction, but for Company of Iron and Iron Kingdoms RPG it can be a mix of obstruction, linear obstacle and rubble depending on where a model is standing! 

This was my first time painting 3D printed terrain and I found it quite easy and really worked well with surfaces which I wanted to drybrush. Though on some parts the way it was printed leads to the lines being very visible if I'm looking closely. Lucky for me this is terrain and as long as it looks good from a distance I am happy!

If you want to pick up the forge for yourself you can find it here

And the walls can be found here

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