Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Reaper Miniatures Ghost Painted

I painted up this Ghost by Reaper miniatures to use in the Iron Kingdoms RPG. I managed to finish it in a single painting session which is quite rare for me!
I painted it while GMing the IKRPG for my party during a particularly role play heavy session. (I think it might have even been a session without any combat at all!)

I like the way that the ghost is travelling through the grave stone

Here is the scale shot with Professor Pendrake. Its a pretty good size for a ghost, shade or wraith so I expect I will use it as needed to fit the situation.

The reaper minis code number and name are: 77007 Ghost
If you want one for yourself you can pick one up here (This is Mighty Lancer Games the best stockist of Reaper minis in the UK) if you live overseas you might find other web stores or Reaper's own site easier to shop from though.

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See you all next time!

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