Saturday, 21 March 2020

Product Review: Thunderhead Fortress Fabric Playmat

Today we take a look at the Thunderhead Fortress Fabric Playmat.
I was sent this mat to review and try out by Privateer Press so big thanks to them!

Made of a neoprene fabric the mat is well printed with clear details and bright colours. 

The spawn gate spaces which will soon be hidden by painted Spawn gates from the Weird Wendell and Spawn gate expansion! They are really clear and easy to spot across the table though, I like how the associated numbers on these and the treasure spots are printed to be easily readable from multiple angles. I've got pretty poor eyesight so this was something I feel grateful of.

The printed cloth is very securely attached to the rubber underlay. I have seen game mats friends have owned where the fabric ended up peeling off from the rubber. I gave this one a few digs with a finger nail and it didn't budge so I'm pleased with that.

The rubber underlay has a chain mail looking pattern which really helps the mat to grip in place on what ever surface I have tried it on. 

This map is not a "must have" as it is the same map that comes in the starter box but,,,
What I would say is that its a quality of life upgrade, no more bent corners or worn folds from the paper map. If you ever plan on taking pictures or videos of your games the paper map gives off a lot of glare due to the glossy paper its made of so this map removes all that. It will last a lot longer especially if stored well rolled or gently folded. (I would not advise storing anything on top of a folded up mat) 

Being the map that also comes in the starter set it is a straight forward open arena with areas of rough terrain and the spawn gates and treasure are spread evenly through the arena.

If you like Riot Quest I fully recommend getting this map its a big upgrade on the paper one from the starter box!

If you want one for yourselves you can get the here from The Outpost (UK webstore I'm affiliated with) though I should add that these have been really popular and sell out completely often meaning there is sometimes a wait for more to be made!

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