Friday, 20 November 2020

Darius1 Brawlmachine list

A while back I did a hobby stream on Twitch (you can find my twitch here, follow to find out when I stream next time) to finish up some of my Cygnar Warjacks which had been work in progress for a very long time. (They are finished now you can find them here)

While doing this I said that I would write a Brawlmachine list for any Cygnar Warcaster a viewer suggested. 
(if you don't know much about Brawlmachine you can find out more here

aajz_solari suggested Darius and I thought that was a great choice. 

So we set about making a list which might be good fun at 25 points with the various restrictions such as everything being FA1.

Knowing that I was sure to be adding lots of Warjacks and focusing on repair I used the theme Heavy metal which will allow the Half Jacks and any other repair models to repair even more with the theme benefit.

The first thing I added was a Centurion, its the tankiest Cygnaran Warjack and takes Darius' spell Fortify, which will increase its armour and prevent it from being pushed or slammed. Truly allowing it to be a contesting monster.

To keep Darius safe but still get use out of his awesome spell Jack hammer I wanted to include an arc node, so I decided to add Thorn as the extra rules and abilities it brings for the extra 3 points over a Lancer seem well worth it!

For the requisition card I added a Squire. The extra control range will help the list spread out a bit more and lessen the focus load on Darius slightly.

I added a Charger for some ranged support, I image it will be a great asset hunting down solos and making short work of the limited units brawlmachine lists will bring.

I wanted to make sure I added a unit but I didn't want to spend many points on them, so with that in mind I added a unit of Field mechaniks. They can help with the repair focused theme of the list and also make a great scoring/contesting unit. 

With 12 points left I wanted to add another heavy and my choice was an Ironclad or a Hammersmith. I decided to go with the Hammersmith as with Darius's Full throttle spell you can get value out of the boosted attack rolls making the Hammersmith's chain attack smite more likely to happen.
Here is the list:

Field mechaniks

I thought it might be nice to include a picture of my painted version of this list.

If you want to see more pictures of my Darius and how I converted him you can find the post about how I did that here

My general battle plan (which would likely change depending on all the other factors like the other players list and deployment etc) would be to have Fortify on the Centurion which would run out to lead the army with the Hammersmith nearby to attack as an early trade.

Thorn would hang about in a central location to react to how the game progresses and provide support with its arc node. I would also be keen to try and use its Disruption spear and shock shield to cripple Warjacks when possible.

The Charger would go hunting infantry and solos.

Field mechaniks would try to hang back at first to repair chip damage done to the Warjacks by early ranged attacks. I would later use them to score zones or contest. A good way to get more turns of contesting out of them is to only run in the leader model and leave the rest of the unit out of command range preferably somewhere safe behind terrain. Running in one guy in each turn to get the most out of them.

The Halfjacks are amazing cheap (they're free!) flag scoring solos and they contest cheaply as well. 

It can be tricky to know when to turn them into mines, though putting a mine within range of a flag to kill solos which go to score it can be a great tactic. 

Be sure to bring one in every turn if you have less than 3! Write a big reminder and place it in your deployment zone so you never forget!

I hope you found this interesting, if you did be sure to let me know and I will write more of them!

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See you all next time!

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