Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Riot Quest Painting Competition Entries & Winner


Last year I found myself racing to paint my remaining Mayhem block Riot Quest minis before the Winter Wasteland Kick-starter arrives (mine still hasn't...)
I figured I couldn't be alone in this, so I decided to run a competition which would hopefully incentivise people to get their crews ready. And to sweeten the pot I offered a Bling Gubbin as a prize!

Well, here we are in 2021 and these are the entries people sent in! I've a disclaimer, if I missed anyone's entries I'm truly very sorry it wouldn't have been intentional I have learnt lessons in running this that I will take forward should I ever have a prize worth giving out again!

I have put the entries in alphabetical order using the name given where they entered - so some are actual names from places like Facebook and others are screen names from Instagram, twitter and discord.

Benoit Van Lee
I really like the choice of crew Benoit went with here, and the purple hair on Helga really pops! Also I think that's the first red Flugwug I've seen! 

Clockwork Jester
I really like the bright colours Jester used in their crew, and the hazard stripes on Malvin and Mayhem have inspired me to try the same on mine!

Drake Scott
Drake has included some awesome conversions like the Ledfoot & Tredz which reminds me of the tanks in Halo3 or the reposed JAIMS & Drefus jetpack smoke.

Jacob Shaw Wachtman
We have a couple of models with the same colour scheme which is neat, as well as a Drefus, which is linked to hit Monpoc paint schemes. I think this is a cool way to link your mini collection.

Jonathan Broadley 
Jonathan told me that they managed to paint this entire crew in less than 6 days! And over Christmas no less! Fantastic job - I really love your Gubbin, especially.

Joseph Baumgartner
Really solid crew here, with a patchwork M&M that looks awesome!


Fantastic crew with tiger print tank! Flugwug's skin has lovely layering too.

Rikers Iron
Great use of bright colours and that stone on Bamfist's belt makes me envious as all heck!

This crew reminds me of the kind of style I paint in, sombre tones with a realistic look. That Gurglepox looks rotten!

Thomas Grable
Went the extra mile and made a display board! I love the free hand on Wolfs poncho and the skin tone on Butcher is amazing.

Is playing to my favourites here with two gobbers and a Frog! I really like the skin tones on the gobbers and Flugwug especially.

Lovely use of metals across this crew and an interesting colour I've not seen before on Drefus. I also painted my Bamfist with orange as a main colour! It's not easy!

So without further ado here is the winner!

Thomas Grable!

The free hand details, skin tones and shading simply blew me away. All the extra detail I noticed after a second and third look like the blood oozing from Butchers sutured wound and the metal of the axe. 

I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who entered. When I put this up I didn't know if it would get any interest at all or I would be left swinging in the wind!
Keep painting and happy new year!

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