Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week one Archeotech Horde

It started with a few technical odds and ends appearing in the black market and local bazaars. As more and more of them started to show up the locals started talking about a Archeotech horde. It must be found!
Local gangs searching for it bumped into each other and all want the prize for themselves.

The game played out as a seven player game of scavengers with a prize of a Archeotech horde territory for the winning gang.

We like to start off campaigns with a multi player game as they tend to lead to a bunch of rivalry's and interesting stories. We do give re-rolls for any dead results on this first game as they tend to be quite brutal.

Four gangs deployed in the corners of the board and three others in table edge middles

These are the few picture I got before I got too wrapped up in it to take anymore...

The board as a whole

My gang (Delaque models, Escher rules)

Simons gang (Cawdor)

John H's gang (Van Saar)

Dans gang (Pitslaves)

John J's gang (Redemptionists)

On the right a couple of Chris's gang (Orlocks) standoff against James's gang (Cawdor)

More of James's gang

The game was fun and even though we hadn't played in quite a while, it went smoothly.
Two of the gangs took a real pasting Chris's Orlocks where trapped between mine and James's gangs in a cross fire and the Redemptionists controlled by John J in a ballsy move headed right for the middle of the board and the loot. They got shot up a bit then charged by pitslaves. That finished it for them.

In the end the game got called due to time with two gangs left on the board, John H's Van Saars and my Eschers. We decided to dice off to see who would win the territroy and John claimed it!
I will have my revenge...


  1. well your forgetting the fact simon charged his ogryn and his leader into my pit slave yarrick the ogryn was beaten but i couldnt wound him enough the shears only grazing him slightly it then fell to simons leader to attack beating me by 1 and only just taking yarrick out both then followed up through a door into my leader and my pit fighter who then in the next combat phase pasted the ogryn with his buzzsaw taking him out and then my pit fighter cut simons leaders head off with some shears but as its the first game we said deaths get rerolled i rerolled it and only cut deep gashes into the leaders face and neck taking the leader out holding the leader up for the gang to see then tossing the lifeless mass of flesh aside a glorious revenge for what the leader did to the pit slave yarrick even more fitting as it was done by the one representing ghazghkull thraka a little bit of revenge for a fallen brother and bitter rival haha :) my other pit fighter who fights under the guise of chaplain cassius took on a slobbering death screaming oath shouting frenzied beserker zealot with a eviscerator so it was hammer and shield (claw) vs eviscerator he charged and attacked boldly to hassen victory a counter to proper training and was crushed underneath a flurry of well controlled hammer blows and brought to his knees then dispatched with a shield bash to the face he took on a pit fighter there taught to embrace pain and suffering to fight till the life drains from there body they will fight till the end having realised they should learn from this man or share his fate the rest of redemptionists flee the battle away from the pitslaves the rest of my line became a haze of plasma and missle strike autogun fire and lasgun fire having ran through all that picked up 6 loot tokens and caused alot of damage and many casualties to 3 players gangs taking few in return the pit slaves faded from sight having returned the favor of blood to those who sought to end there lives striking fear in all who opposed them :)