Saturday, 19 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week one, Rescue

A few of us went to the club to play our rescue and monster games.

First up was Simons attempt to rescue his juve I captured during the first game.
I played a card to allow me to hire a bounty hunter for free for one game.
Simon got four attackers and I got lucky and got 5 defending.

I put the captive juve in the building in the center with the bounty hunter, my Ratling sniper and a Juve called Eric (Who is my gang leaders son). Eric also bought his dog along with him.
I put my heavy with plasma cannon up in a tall building with a ganger as a buddy.

Simon took his gang leader (Shown here with the multi coloured hair), his Ogryn and his gang leaders pet cretin (The crogunk pokemon model) These guys took many turns slowly getting closer to my hideout.
 He found a good spot for his heavy with a missile launcher and gave her a ganger escort. The ganger later gave up guarding the heavy as he got bored and went in closer to get some of the action.

After the bounty hunter (Who I chose to give Infra red goggles) spotted the heat signal from the Ogryn he raised the alarm and all hell broke loose!
Simons heavy had been told to open up at this point and shot and downed my ratling and juve. The Ratling would later go down in a recovery phase, but Eric knowing he would be judged for wimping out gritted his teeth and got back up the next turn.

For most of the rest of the game there was a cross board shooting match between the two heavies, with simon mainly keeping his safe by forcing mine to shoot his cretin... no marksman - no choice.

My first reinforcements - my Leader and two juve meatshields. They ran on and the next turn one of the juves shot and downed his leader.

There was one problem... In my bloodlust to take out the raiders near my base I completely forgot to keep them in cover from...
Simon's heavy lines up a great shot onto the lead juve and hits, downing both juves and my leader...
The juves later both went out of action, but my leader later recovered and spent the rest of the game moving toward the heavy after revenge.

More guys turn up to fight, this time two juves and a heavy with a flamer.
By this point the Ogryn was under the building with the captives so I put the bounty hunter on overwatch knowing that he would be charging next turn.

The Ogryn charged up and got pinned by the overwatch fire, but it failed to wound. The next turn the Ogryn made it into combat but the bounty hunter proved a compitent foe and inflicted a wound. Over the next few turns the ogryn and bounty hunter fought each other.

More guys turn up.

I wanted the bounty hunter to take him out so I could capture him. So I charged in my juve and dog. This proved to be my downfall and the juve went down and the bounty hunter failed his nerve test after seeing the juve smashed to the floor. He stood frozen in fear and the Ogryn knocked him out.


 The three guys on the ground charge his ganger and the it proves overkill as the first one takes him out with ease.

My heavy finally figures out how to aim his Heavy plasma cannon and takes out the damned missile launcher! At this point simon bottles and the game is over. The juve goes without being rescued and is sent to work in my mines. We both pick up a few injuries and I give the stubgun from the captive to my new juve (I rolled him up from my settlement after the first game.)


  1. awh man this was a really tense game one of the best we have played

    1. Agreed, even though you failed to rescue I still think it was worth the attempt