Friday, 25 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week two, Package run

This week a gassy haze flows through the underhive, all games this week are affected by explosive gas.
James's Cawdor take on Dan's pitslaves in a game of Package run.

The Cawdor riflemen take careful aim at the Pit Slaves as they dash from cover but are surprised when their shots detonate pockets of gas, throwing their firing line into disarray

The confusion allows the fearsome Pit Slaves to close with their ambushers. The gangers stand their ground, planning on unleashing point-blank shotgun blasts to down their foes - only, against all odds, they both miss!

Confessor Kindly sees the danger and throwing his own safety to the wind steps bravely into the open and vaporizes one of the attackers with his melta-gun. His victory is short-lived however as the Pit Slaves close on the stranded fighter and beat him to the ground.

Pit Slaves close on the hapless shotgunner who missed his shot and inflict multiple injuries to his chest and hand, leaving him horrifically scarred. His gang mates see that their ambush has been turned, thanks in part to the noxious fumes choking the dome, and choose to flee into the darkness while they still have a chance.

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