Friday, 25 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week two, The Shambler

This week a gassy haze flows through the underhive, all games this week are affected by explosive gas.
This game the Shambler attacks Simons Workshop and Chris's Cawdor attack their preoccupied foe.

The board set up

Simon's deployment in the middle

Transcendent's deployment on the Irondogs left

Irondogs deployment on the right flank

First move of Turn 1 and Irondogs' Markus climbs up a ladder in the centre...

... waking the Shambler in the process. Enraged, it moves towards the Irondogs.

Transcendent gangers fire on the Shambler, causing it to turn around and move towards the gang

Simon's Heavy lines up a Frag Missile towards the left flank...

...and Downs 2 Juves, Mills and Mellor (Mellor later goes out of action)

The Irondog's Heavy, Cretin and Lasgunner Overwatch the right flank as the Ogryn (advancing up the left near the Shambler) is pinned by fire from the Leader, Martellus

The Lasgunner Marcellus uses his Telescopic Sight to try and pin Simon's ganger near the Heavy at extremely long range

On the right flank, Simon's ganger ignites a patch of methane, taking him out of action whilst the Transcendent's Ratskin is taken out by Overwatch fire from Mort (out of shot)

Irondogs' Leader Martellus and Juve Mistral open fire through the window, pinning the Ogryn...

...who uses his Skull Chip to recover and charge through the window towards the waiting Irondogs

Martellus, Mistral, Markus, Marsh (The Sumpslayer) and the Cybermastiff prepare to face a very, very angry Ogryn

The Ogryn fails his charge, leaving him in the open to be pinned again by the leader and heavy in crossfire from both the left and right.

The Ogryn fails his charge again, allowing Marsh to escape

Marsh escapes as Mills (freshly recovered from being downed by Simon's Heavy earlier) runs in from the right flank

The Ogryn is eventually injured by a hail of fire from half the Irondogs' gang

The Ogryn bypasses the Cybermastiff by charging through the door (something uncharacteristic for Simon's door-blindness) and takes out the Juve Mills in close combat

Markus earns the nickname 'Ogrynbane' by delivering the coup-de-grace on the Ogryn as it attempts to outflank the Leader and Juves

Simon's Leader strays too close to a brainleaf and is taken over by the parasitic plant

Simon's heavy uses a Frag missile to mercy kill his own Leader, rather than let the Brainleaf remove him from the game. (If someone is still under the control of the Brainleaf when their gang bottles then the fighter will stay with the Shambler in subsequent games until someone takes them out! If they are taken out they suffer a Serious Injury as normal)

With the Ogryn taken out, the Irondogs on the left advance, taking care to steer clear of the Brainleaf and Simon's Overwatching Heavy

Shambler getting closer as Simon's gang falls back (some would say running away..), constantly firing as they move.

Simon's priest expends all his flamer fuel to wound the Shambler and set it on fire

The (now flaming and frenzied) Shambler keeps getting closer but fails to catch anyone

The Shambler continues to chase Simon, taking wounds from the flames

The Irondogs on the right advance, trapping the Transcendents between them and the Shambler as Simon fails his bottle test and flees

The Irondogs leave the Shambler to consume Simon's Workshop


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    1. Well its returned to attack me this time... attacking the settlement "Bleak"