Sunday, 20 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week one, Sump Thing

Chris's Orlocks where attacked by the Sump Thing, it has set up home in their vents territory so he was keen to evict it!

The Orlocks deploy in a line facing off against the beast. Yelling and shouting to get its attention.

This allows his vents team to deploy behind the Thing attacking it from two sides. Sadly his heavy runs out of ammo on his first shot with a Krak grenade.

 The vents team continue to drive the Thing toward the pit, the cretin Merl even manages to wound it!

Marsh one of the gangs juves baits the Thing towards the pit, the gang struggling to wound the beast are trying to draw it in for the kill.

Marsh manages to line up a perfect shot that forces the Sump Thing into the pit where it dissolves.

The view Marsh had as he took his shot!

Marsh celebrating his win and title as Sump Thing killer, his gang leader gives him his new gang mask and buys him a well earned bottle of wild snake.

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  1. thats masterful baiting tactics by chris lolol