Friday, 25 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week two, Gang fight

This week a gassy haze flows through the underhive, all games this week are affected by explosive gas.
A gang fight between James's Cawdor and Jon's Redemptionists

The Bonehunters split into three separate fire teams, with aggressive ex-Juve Korab joining the riflemen on a rush up the right flank.

Korab surges forward to the Redemptionist lines under covering fire from his comrades, and empties his trusty hand-flamer into the first group he finds. With one fighter downed instantly, and the Redemptionist Priest set on fire, the other two nearby gangers turn tail and flee for their lives.

 The Redemptionists regroup amongst the central barricades under their leader's watchful eye
 Confessor Kindly risks an overwatch shot with his melta-gun only to fall victim to more explosive gas pockets. Luckily he shrugs off the flesh wound and recovers, taking out the Redemptionist leader with a lucky shot. 
After taking several more losses the Redemptionists quickly realise that the Cawdor gang brought more flamers than they did, and flee the field.The post-battle is brutal - melta-gun shots are difficult to come back from and three of the fanatics lose their lives in the fight.


  1. that was a tough battle for Jon

  2. So playing James's Cawdor was really good fun and it was a great game, James out numbered, out gunned and out flamered me (funny because I was the Redemptionists). I had some bad luck in the game, first my left flank ran away (2nd picture), then my zealot tried to charge one of James's guys on my right flank but took a shotgun to the face (there's no picture), after that I took out one maybe two of his guys that were on the right flank. After that it just went down hill from there, my leader was taken out by a meltgun and I was forced to bottle out. So as it says above the post-game is brutal (for me anyway), the three fanatics that died from the injures were, a crusader, my zealot and my leader. For all the Redemptionist fans out there, my crusade has failed (sorry) as after three deaths and a lot of very serious injures I have decided to start a new gang. The new gang will be Orlocks, the background for this gang is that there Imperial Guard Regiment was destroyed and the few survivors were left to die, they somehow got off the planet and decided to make there own way in life after being abandoned. Hope you like it.

  3. So after taking with Dan about my new gang we both thought that it would be good to have a different background, so this new background links into the last campaign we did so here it is. My new gang is the last of the imperial guard pdf sent into the area to combat the rioting pitslaves, this band of guardsmen are the only survivors of the guardsmen unit, they fled into the underhive to regroup from the fury of the pitslaves and now there time has come to rise up and hunt down the pitslaves.

    1. Nice, they will have a tough time taking on those pitslaves!

    2. Nice, Orlocks next then Jon? They have access to shooting skills right? I'm getting worried that i'll get trapped between HtH and shooty gangs now, as mine is quite mixed.