Thursday, 31 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week three, Ambush

All games this week are subject to the rules for darkness.

 With the lights out, the Sepulchre set up to ambush the Bonehunters in a pitch-black dome... hardline vs heretic - this will be a grudge match!
Cawdor vs Cawdor!
 In the darkness the Bonehunters remain blissfully unaware of the heretics lurking behind the nearby ruins...

More Sepulchre gangers work around the flanks and rear of the Bonehunters position...

All hell breaks loose as the deviant Ogryn lurches into the light, Ripper Gun belching hot lead, obliterating nearby juve Deadsmell.
Confessor Kindly blasts the Ogryn with his melta-gun but somehow the great beast shrugs it off as a flesh wound. The Confessor glares at his weapon as - once again - it runs out of ammo on the first shot. Is it cursed?

The Bonehunters attempt to breakaway to bring their grenade launcher to bear, but to no avail - the Sepulchre warriors keep everyone locked down with their pinning blasts.
As Pores' heavy stubber belches black smoke and jams, with a furious Ogryn, wounded but still standing, lining up a charge, the Bonehunters choose to flee into the darkness.
The grudge match went poorly for the Bonehunters, leaving many of the gang with bitter enmities against the Sepulchre crew.


  1. i got very lucky this game, and raked in a ton of exp

  2. I was not so lucky... lol Got mullered! Cursed ammo rolls