Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Necromunda: Guilders Wrath Campaign special rules

Special rules for the Campaign

As always with our group a second die will be rolled for ammo when shooting, if this die results in a 6 an ammo test is needed (1 or a 6 for Scavvy gangs) To make life easier roll two different coloured dice, I use red for ammo white for to hit.

With all the lockdowns and turmoil in the hive a lot gangs have gone into hiding or otherwise laying low.

This has led to more territories being up for grabs. These will available at various events or by meeting requirements.

  • If you obtain a Rad counter you may use it to search for an 'Irradiated Zone' territory. Used as a postgame action roll a D6, on a 6+ a Irradiated zone is found.

  • A successful defense of the scenario 'Caravan' will award the territory 'Guilder contact'

  • If you play and win the scenario 'Bar fight' you can claim the territory 'Drinking hole' or sack the bar for D6x10 credits.   The bar must be named for you to claim it!

  • Winning 'The wounded man' scenario as the defender will award a 'Friendly Doc' territory.

Hired guns are having a hard time finding work, so many are working at a discount. The first of each type of hired gun comes at a 5 credit discount. For example hiring two Ratskin scouts would cost 25 credits. 10 for the first one then 15 for the non-discounted one.

From the start of the campaign there will be two roaming creatures.
The sump thing & the shambler.
The rules for these two will be outlined in a separate post

Various ongoing dangerous conditions will occur during the course of the campaign, due to damage to the hive and other goings on the following conditions will affect the underhive on various weeks.

  • Darkness, this follows the same rules as laid out in "pitch black" in community edition rules but with the following exceptions;  A Bionic eye counts as a photovisor for seeing in the dark and two bionic eyes allows you to see in the dark without penalty. Infra Red sights can see through the darkness with no penalty as long as the fighter is stationary. Infra Red goggles can see through the darkness with no penalty at all times.

  • Choking mist, at the beginning of each game all fighters need to pass a toughness test to push on a fight through the mist. Any fighters that fail withdraw back to their gangs hideout unable to continue. Filter plugs allow a re-roll and respirators allow a fighter to ignore the test altogether.

  • Explosive gas, any fighter that fires a ranged weapon while in cover then you must take a test to avoid the gas catching light.  Every time a fighter fires in cover they must roll the S of the weapon or above on a D6 or the gas will ignite. Weapons that are above S6 will still pass on a roll of a 6. If the test is failed place a small blast template over the firing fighter. All fighters under the template take a S3 hit, models partially covered take a hit on a 4+

  • High winds, any model that is on the top level of a structure at the end of their movement phase must take a S test or be pinned. Standard pinning rules apply, so if a fighter pinned in this way is within 1" of an edge a Initiative test is needed to see if they fall.

  • Heavy erosion, the area has been subjected to heavy acid erosion. All cover modifiers are counted as one less.

  • Slippery surfaces, sludge and slime covers the ground, any fighters that run or charge must take an initiative test or be pinned.

All of these will be announced and will last for a week or until a condition is met that fixes a problem causing them.

Any questions, comments or suggestions?!??! Let me know below!


  1. Love these special rules, might have to implement a few of these on the next campaign weekender...

    1. Thanks, hopefully they work out well for you