Saturday, 26 October 2013

Guilders Wrath: Week two, Shoot out

This week a gassy haze flows through the underhive, all games this week are affected by explosive gas.

Dan got some inside information and knew where my gang would be out on a errand. Tension rises and a shoot out ensues. Again no pictures from my crappy camera...

Dan's pitslaves led by his leader slowly walked towards my gangers, confident in their combat prowess.
I rolled up my heavy with heavy plasmagun, and a mix of four juves some of whom where now gangers but with juve stats still.

Due to their nervous nature the juves drew first, but the pitslaves hard the edge with speed and shot first.
Pinning two of my gang but failing to wound.
The remaining three of my gang hit and pinned the pitslaves but failed to wound.

The game became a pin fest. Me failing to wound and Dan unable to get up from pinning.

After a while I downed two of the pitslaves and they bottled, but none of them took injuries.

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