Sunday, 30 August 2020

Monstrous Spider Painted

My Monstrous Spider by Heresy Miniatures is finally done! 
It's to my shame that it's taken me five years to get around to painting it. I got it during Heresy Miniatures kickstarter.
I looked at the models when they arrived back then, on this blog, you can find the unboxing here.

I actually got reminded to paint it due to them having a sale on and I looked through their site and was reminded...
On that note their sale is on until the 1st Sept its 25% off. I am not affiliated with them at all, I just really like their minis and have bought from them a few times over the years.

I painted the base and its rocks a few weeks ago when I painted similar basing on a different model. (My batch painting ways never leave me)
I painted up the spider in one session this Sat night while I was GMing the IKRPG online. 
I streamed it on twitch and had my painting cam on (the painting cam was a viewer request once people learnt I was painting while GMing) I'm still getting used to keeping the model I'm painting under the camera though...
You can find my twitch channel here I stream IKRPG every Sat evening (8pm UK time) and randomly do painting streams and live games as and when I can.

If there is one part of the paint job I'm less happy with its the eyes, they aren't my best work but I'm happy enough. I was mainly pleased to have it finished in a single session so I guess I'm ok to just overlook it.

I'm really happy with how the spines and vein looking ridges turned out though.

The black paint is an old GW starter set black which always looks glossy so I haven't used it much over the years. I save it for projects like this where the glossy look is desired.

I made the rocks out of multiple layers of cork sheet. I tried to make the layers varied and look as if it could be natural formations. Painting it was simple, just dark grey then dry brushed light grey.

Having multiple layers of rock allowed me to pose the spider in a more organic way, with each of its legs being on a different height of rock it makes it have a sense of motion as if the spider is climbing across the rocks.

Adding patches of dirt to other levels of the rocks as well as the bottom layer helps to give it a more realistic look I think.

And here is a scale shot with Professor Pendrake (30mm human)
It really is a large model for its mass, the thin legs really make it take up more space. 
I'm looking forward to pitting my players against it some day!
It really was a fun and easy model to paint!

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See you all next time!

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