Thursday, 11 February 2021

Flubbin Painted

Flubbin joins my crew!
She was a joy to paint and I got to try out some new skills as well which was very enjoyable.

I didn't like the idea of a glossy looking clear flight stand and got the idea to paint it as if its a jet burst of flame. This also helped hide the magnet which I glued to the top of the flight stand. I intended this to be the nozzle for the jet.
I had never painted this type of flame/smoke cloud before but found a few good examples after a quick google and tried it myself. I went with the idea that the worst thing that happens is I muck it up and have to strip it and try again!

Flubbin has such a characterful face and the googles were nice and large to allow me to paint them better than others I've tried in the past.

Here she is with her brother Gubbin!

And here is the scale shot with Professor Pendrake.
Flubbin is a wonderful model and I'm very glad to have her painted now. 
Onwards and upwards!

What do you think of my Flubbin? Do you think I'm crazy for magnetising her?

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See you soon!

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